Home delivery, particularly cash-on-delivery (COD) is still most accepted in India, particularly in smaller towns and suburbs regions. In the metropolitans, parcel locker technology have emerged as a distinctive option for both customers and online retailers. You can drop the parcels at Smartbox terminals, from where consumers can pick up at a convenient time using an OTP sent to them through email & SMS at the time package is stored. Smartbox terminals are 100% automated and open 24/7.

Last Mile Delivery Cost Savings:

Smartbox reduces costs incur into finding exact delivery location, and following up with Consumers to handover the parcels.

No Delivery Reattempts / Reduced Returns:

Consumers' unavailability at home, or busy schedule at office, often result into delivery re-attempts, or returns, that causes higher costs per delivery. The smart locker technology have saved the time, money and efforts of the property managers as the courier is directly delivered in the lockers and there is no scope of outsiders invading the residential/ commercial complex.

Reduce Storage Costs:

Intelligent lockers provide an alternate delivery solution that gives consumers and delivery agencies an option for automated forward and reverse logistics which is available 24 hours a day. Delivering to Smartbox terminals will remove the scope of undelivered goods coming back to finishing delivery hubs, this will save storage costs.

Fast COD Settlements:

Parcel Lockers solution are automated 'Click & Collect' systems that securely store packages for fast and easy collection by customers as per their convenience. Smartbox accepts all credit/debit cards for COD transactions that helps e-tailors get faster COD settlements. E-payments at Smartbox terminals are powered by Yes Bank.